They are rivals but they are best friends

They are rivals but they are best friends

Reviews of Netflix’s new Documentary, The Speed Cubers.

Recently, Netflix has showcased a documentary “The Speed Cubers”. The documentary revolves around the rivalry yet friendship between 23-year-old Feliks Zemdegs from Australia and 17-year-old Max Park from California. They are world’s best Rubik’s cube Solver.

In this 40-minute documentary, there are so many heart touching and emotional moments. It showcased how two world champions prepare themselves for World Championship 2019 where in both compete to take the world title.

The documentary film starts with Feliks Zemdegs success story who owns almost all world titles in World Cube Championship.

Then enters Max, a teen from California who is on the autism spectrum, who beats almost all records of Feliks, except for the 3×3 Rubiks challenge, also known as the “main event” for cubers.

Max first grabs attention of Feliks from his YouTube video wherein he solves cube incredibly fast with one hand.

The Speed Cubers
Max Park and Feliks Zemdegs courtesy Netflix

Feliks admits that he feels “annoying” to have his teenager competitor beats him, however he never fails to applaud him. Whenever Max beats Feliks record, he congratulates Max despite the fact that his record is been broken. On the other hand, Max always respects Feliks for his achievements. For Max, Feliks is his idol. He copied each and everything what Feliks does.

The doc shows amazing friendship between two rivals and world champions.

Max’s Early Life

Max story highlights how his parents disappointed knowing about his disability and lost hope of his future when they heard about it. However, they face all challenges came in to their way.They gave him a Rubik’s cube to play and his mother taught him how to solve. Max who couldn’t use his hands at a young age, because of poor motor skills, now winning championships for his outstanding skill.

Max and Miki Park at Paris
Speed Cuber Max Park with his mother Courtesy : Max Park

Max slowly and gradually overcome problems and challenges, with the help of his passion for cubing and relationship with Feliks, faced by a person with autism. At times, his mother was very concerned about how Max will react on his defeat because he is going up and up in his cubing journey. Feliks really helped Max boosting his morale when he loses any game. He plays a role of big brother to Max and it is very heart touching.

As film progresses, Feliks focuses on his career and Max learns new skills. The Speed cubers is a story of Sportsman spirit, mentorship, love, care, friendship, passion, optimism and Inspiration. One thing we can learn from this amazing documentary of Max and Feliks is we can fulfill our dreams if we passionately follow them and universe will help us to achieve them.

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